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appétit is the local app for local eats. We are an online ordering and local delivery company headquartered in Buffalo, NY and are expanding into the 585! Unlike the other tech giants, we are a hospitality company who focuses on building relationships from the ground up. Grassroots, organic, and all about fostering true community connections, appétit focuses on human connections versus automation and bottom-line efficiency. DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub and the other major apps charge 20-30% commission to our local restaurants who are already getting by on razor-thin margins. They make it almost impossible to make any real money from takeout without raising their prices by 30% to break even, which hurts the customer. We charge our partners $99 per month and that is it!!

Our mission is also how we do business. We don’t partner with any national chains or franchises and focus on the mom-and-pop businesses that make our communities what they are. They employ our family and friends, they support our local industry, they live and shop among us. Local supporting local. The appétit team is made up of experienced hospitality industry professionals and marketing professionals so we know how to help our restaurants leverage this amazing business model. Photo shoots, marketing campaigns, whatever it takes. We provide the hands-on support and service that no other corporation will think of…because it costs a lot of time and money to invest in. They’d rather spend the millions on paid ads and national sponsorships. 

We focus on relationships, quality of service, and providing a sustainable model for our beloved local restaurants. We can’t wait to deliver this platform to you Rochester!


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