Food + Drink

Looking for Rochester NY Restaurants? Not sure where? Take a look at our growing list of restaurant ideas. With so many cuisine choices, you'll never run out of places to try!


Home of some of the best Rochester plates, burgers and fries around, Rochester NY has your need for American Restaurants covered.


Sign your belly up for a taste from the far east with Asian Restaurants galore in Rochester.

Bakeries + Desserts

Baked goods and sweet tooths are in charge here. Check out our list of breads, sweets and baked treats in our list of bakeries and desserts in Rochester NY.


Great balls of sizzlin' smoked meats! For a tangy tasty meal that's oh so sloppy, check out our barbecue restaurants in Rochester.

Breweries, Wineries + Distilleries

A booming industry in Rochester NY, we have plenty of breweries, wineries and even distilleries in our back yard.

Coffee Houses + Cafes

Here in Rochester we consider coffee to be as essential as air in our lungs. Do not mess with our quest for coffee houses and cafes.

Food Trucks

From food truck rodeos to markets and curbside at lunch time, we are a growing city of food truck fans.


Ooh la la and sacre bleu! Find your favorite French Restaurants in and around Rochester NY.

Garbage Plates

The iconic dish deserves its own cuisine category. There may only be one garbage plate, but there are now dozens of restaurants serving their own version of the famous Rochester plate.


For some of the best Italian food around, you are certain to have many choices around town.

Markets + Groceries

Need food? 4 out of 5 people do need to buy food for the week. Find your groceries in Rochester!


Hankerin' for some Mediterranean cuisine in Rochester, we have enough to calm your hangriest moments.


Get your taste of Mexico today at any one of several Mexican Restaurants in Rochester.


Rochester New York is home to some of the best Pizza around. Find your pie today!


Enjoy fresh seafood today, and find your Seafood Restaurant in Rochester NY.


When only prime cuts of meat from a cow seared to perfection will do for dinner... here are your Rochester Steakhouses.

Coupons + Deals!

Whats better than doing something fun for the day? Why doing it for less money, of course - So check out our deals!

Nightlife: Bars & Clubs

Night time is the right time. Check out these bars, clubs and more!

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