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La Guerra Dei Nonni - The War of the Grandpas - One night only. On Saturday March 30 at 4:00PM at the Peace Theater located on the main floor of Nazareth Arts Center, the Italian Film Series and the Frank DiMino Casa Italiana will bring La Guerra Dei Nonni to the Rochester area. This is the fourth feature written and directed by Gianluca Ansanelli. This is one of the most current movies we have shown, being released to the theaters in Italy just this past November. Vincenzo Salemme plays Gerri, the stay at home maternal grandfather who is an avid woodworker, and is the loving caretaker of three grandchildren while the professionally successful parents work. Max Tortora is Tom, the flamboyant and estranged paternal grandfather who decides to reconnect with his son, and finally meet his grandchildren for the first time. Bianca Guaccero is the sexy neighbor Viky. These actors are very well known in the Italian film industry, but this is the first time they appear in an Italian Film Series program, and are a welcome addition. But the real surprise in this movie are the adorable child actors, Great Santi, Luigi Fosco, and Chloe Aquino. I am sure many grandparents in the audience will identify some of them with their own grandchildren. 📷Gerri is a caring and attentive grandfather, he lives with his daughter's family, helping around the house and taking care of his beloved grandchildren. This idyllic family balance is broken when Grandpa Tom returns to Italy to spend time with his grandchildren after years living abroad. Exuberant and boisterous, Grandpa Tom is ready to break every rule established by Grandpa Gerri in order to fulfill the children's wishes and win their love. The clash between Gerri and Tom will create a heated competition, leading to a series of hilarious challenges between grandparents, with no holds barred... and plenty of plot twists. TRAILER: https://www.facebook.com/tony.mangione.16/videos/1164878464679535?idorvanity=122453448449861 Here is the link to purchase: Purchase tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/861861319407?aff=oddtdtcreator Limited number of tickets for the after-movie food and libations event at the Frank DiMino Casa Italiana can be purchased at the link above. Because of limited seating it is highly recommended that tickets for the dinner, sold separately from the movie, be purchased in advance since there is no guarantee that there will be available tickets the night of the show.📷📷📷📷Opportunities are available for sponsorship of future movies in the series. Write me at tonym@ameritalroc.com for information, or the casa@naz.edu

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