The 25 Best Plates In Rochester NY

Best Tasting Rochester Garbage Plates

According to our garbage plates loving community, and with more than 500 votes across social platforms, these are The 25 Best Plates in Rochester NY (and in case you are asking, what’s a garbage plate):

  1. Dogtown – (215 votes) If plates were judged by votes alone, then ?? the best tasting plate *by far* is Dogtown. Also, they offer sweet potato fries. As one fervent fan put it, “If you don’t get it from Dogtown, your life has been a lie!”
  2. Nick Tahou’s – (62 votes) What the actual?! Nick’s is the original and thereby defines what the best Garbage Plate should taste like! If OG means best above all else, then Tahou’s should be your first stop.
  3. Charlie’s (aka Charlie Riedel’s) – (28 votes) Another fan favorite, but almost all of the comments came with a not-so-secret pro tip. Pro Tip: Ask for it “off the char” to elevate your meat to grilled and smoky perfection.
  4. Jimmy Z’s Plates & Shakes – (27 votes) Brockport?! Clearly this must be a mistake! How could a college town 25 minutes away pull down these kinds of numbers? And yet it’s this same nagging question that begs for a roadtrip to find out.
  5. Steve T’s Hots and Potatoes – (18 votes) Formerly known as Nick Tahou’s II, Steve T’s is next in line to the throne…or number 5 on our list. You decide.
  6. Hungry’s Grill – (17 votes) Wait a second…do they even have garbage in Pittsford? They must…for this fine establishment had firm vocal support. Someone even wrote an entire blog about how Hungry’s is so amazing, which – by the way – is right next door to Thirsty’s. We just need a Sleepy’s to complete the triumvirate.
  7. Fairport Hots – (15 votes) Fairport’s Crown Jewel…of plates.
  8. Wimpy’s Burger Basket – (14 votes) Wimpy’s had a lot of strong support for it’s tasty plates. Do not snooze on this one!
  9. Henrietta Hots (aka Henny Hots) – (13 votes) It would seem that every geographic location in Monroe County is required by law to have it’s namesake attached to the word “Hots”. However, this one is Henrietta Hots, and it happens to be in the Top 10.
  10. Bill Gray’s – (13 votes) – Your standard operating plate in Rochester NY rounding out our Top 10!
  11. Mark’s Texas Hots – (8 votes)
  12. JT’s Pizza and Plates – (7 votes)
  13. Schaller’s – (7 votes)
  14. South Wedge Hots & Subs – (6 votes)
  15. Webster Hots – (6 votes)
  16. The Gate House – (4 votes)
  17. Mac’s Philly Steaks – (4 votes)
  18. Penfield Hots (closed) – (4 votes) People – This place is closed and it still got votes w/ a side of emotion. Do we smell a relaunch?
  19. East Ridge Hots – (3 votes)
  20. The Red Fern – (3 votes) Vegans love their plates too!
  21. Romig’s Tavern – (3 votes)
  22. Spencerport Hots – (3 votes)
  23. Swiftwater Brewing – (3 votes)
  24. Tony’s Birdland & Pizzeria – (3 votes)
  25. Tom Wahl’s – (3 votes)

Honorable Mentions…and by honorable we mean they were only mentioned once or twice…

Roc Style Chicken & Burger, Tryon City Tavern, New Ethic Pizzeria, Jeremiah’s Tavern, Doc’s Beer House, Campi’s Restaurant, East Ridge Restaurant, The Thirsty Turtle, Crust Pizza Kitchen, Neno’s Gourmet Mexican Street Food, Happy Days On The Go, Genesee Brew House, McCann’s Local Meats, The Old Stone Tavern, Big Deal Pizzeria & Grill, Chili Hots, Charlotte Tavern, Smokin’ Hot Chicks BBQ, Don’s Original, Texas Roadhouse, Rohrbach Brewing Co., SeaBreeze Lakeview Hots, Flour City Station, and Scottsville Hots

The bottom-line…

We’ve only just begun to scratch at the proverbial plates’ surface, but a good start would be to take this list seriously and in the exact numbered order. Also, bring antacid. ?️ ?️ ?️

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